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Make your running routine less routine

Many of us enjoying running, true. As an avid runner I do know that sometimes the wind can get taken form our sails, so to speak, with our runs. like all good things, sometimes you just need to find ways to spice it up. I liked this article that provides some pretty cool ideas on how you can spike up your running activities. Check it out from Shape.com here.er Thanks to Jessica Smith for putting this one together, and to Shape.com for the photo.

12 Expert Trail Running Tips from Brian Metzler

I came across an article from Brian Metzler that I thought had some terrific tips in it for my running aficionados. He provides a few tips from Lesley Paterson, who is an endurance coach. Here she provides some tips for various race styles that are great for the amateur and the pro alike. Check them out and let me know if there are any here that you use, or some that you are new to you. Here is the full article.

Uphill running tips from a champ

For those of us who enjoy runs that often take us uphill, we know that such runs are not easy. I found this article from David Roche a two-time USATF trail national champion that has some great tips on how to do your uphill runs as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. He boils his tips down to 3 tips–lean in, relax, and hike with a purpose. Good tips for any ultra runner I think too. Enjoy the article here.


Photo credits to Joe Viger Photography.