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Fun in the Snow or Trail Running

Snowfall has been prolific so far this Winter in the Sierra Nevada, which straddles the border between California and Nevada.

The feet of snow that have piled up in recent days in multiple atmospheric river events vaulted snowfall totals this season over 200 inches at the highest elevations.

So sometimes we need to cast aside our spring and summer running goals and  take to the snow.  This has been a ski season to remember.

Eric Litvin | 2017 – Year of Redemption

Eric Litvin – Every year around this time I begin to reflect on professional and personal accomplishments and disappointments.  This year was a particularly stressful year and for the first time in my life the stress kicked my butt and prevailed.    I had signed up for a a bunch of races, but only finished the Lake Sonoma 50m in April. Otherwise, UTMB CCC was a DNS, Miwok was a DNF, Tahoe Rim Trail was a DNF, and Rio Del Lago was a DNF.

As I begin to plan for 2017 professional and personal goals, I’m excited about my prospects.  The biggest source of business stress I’ve been carrying around for almost 2 years will soon be resolved.  It’s time to get back into great shape and a regular running and training regimen.   Happy Holidays everyone!