Make your running routine less routine

Many of us enjoying running, true. As an avid runner I do know that sometimes the wind can get taken form our sails, so to speak, with our runs. like all good things, sometimes you just need to find ways to spice it up. I liked this article that provides some pretty cool ideas on how you can spike up your running activities. Check it out from Thanks to Jessica Smith for putting this one together, and to for the photo.

9 races to bring in the 4th of July with

The weekend is here and while we are all glad to be celebrating, some of you may be looking to celebrate with an awesome run. Well, I wanted to share a few of them I found via that I thought were interesting enough to consider running myself. Some are for good causes, some are more challenging than others, but all offer you an opportunity to do more that just stuff your face with friends and family this weekend. 🙂 Check out the list here. Credit to Marc Lindsay for putting this list together, and credit to for the photo. Freedom Run