All in at Rio Del Lago 100m – Part 2

After my disappointing performance at States, my friend Errol “The Rocket” Jones reached out to me to offer some reassuring words.  He empathized with how I was feeling and suggested I just get back out and indulge my love of trail running.   The Rocket is an acclaimed ultra legend and running royalty.  His running resume is loaded and his experience and knowledge are invaluable.  He’s a also a larger than life character,  a page out of beatnik lore –  a Neil Cassady figure, the driver of the Grateful Dead’s bus in the 60’s who could turn a phrase with the best of them.


Errol The Rocket Jones - Eric Litvin Rio Del Lago Prelude
Errol “The Rocket ” Jones Leadville 100m (picture credits unknown)


Running with the Rocket is a religious experience. Rocket took me out to the Marin Headlands a few times as therapy for my dampened spirits after States, and I found myself falling into a hypnotic trance, running through meadows and valleys, through the majestic Muir Woods  to exalted Mt Tam vistas.   Long haul running is a dance in nature;there’s stories and music in the unspoken and the quiet.   Running with the Rocket, it’s flowing and dreamy with a percussive measure of a jazz tune with high hats ringing and snares going rat a tat, a tat tat, tat tat a rat tat, into  the redwoods with a boom da da boom da da boom boom boom, from drum solo to a rapping   Tom Waits’  verse:

“Smellin’ like a brewery, lookin’ like a tramp

I ain’t got a quarter, I got a postage stamp Been five o’clock shadow boxin’ all around the town
Talkin’ with the old men, sleepin’ on the ground

Bazanti bootin’ al zootin’ al hoot and Al Cohn
Sharin’ this apartment with a telephone pole
And a fishnet stocking, spike heeled shoes
Striptease, pricktease, car keys blues

Wrinkles and Cherry and Twinkie and Pinkie
And Fifi live from Gay Paree
Fanfares, rim shots, backstage, who cares
All this hot burlesque for me. ”


To Be Continued: 

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