2015 Western States 100M Endurance Run – Lottery Selection & Training Block


I have great appreciation for the Western States 100 mile  Endurance Run. To get into the race you have to complete a qualifying 100 mile race. With a qualifier you have the opportunity to enter the States Lottery. The odds of getting selected for a first timer are very remote.  Here’s lottery odds for the 2016 race. I’m in again this year again with only 1 ticket, so I have a 3.67% chance of getting in.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.09.06 PM

I found out that I had been selected at the lottery drawing in December 2014. The second my name was called the congratulatory texts started pouring in.

So in January I devised a  training plan and race calendar  that would prepare me for Western States in June.   The first big race on the calendar was the Lake Sonoma 50miler. This is my hometown race. I know the trails well and run them in training runs.    I felt encouraged by my performance at Lake Sonoma 50m  and began to refine a 2 month training block in advance of States.

I have a demanding work schedule and an active family life so I have to wedge in my training.  Over the 5 years I’ve been trail running,  I’ve trained alone with very few exceptions.  Part 1 End.